Passion for the Vine

When you book a tour with Local Taste Discoveries, you get to meet the people behind the brands, and hear their stories. All of our local producers are very passionate about their produce.

Just 5 minutes from the historic town of Boonah in the Scenic Rim, is Bunjurgen Estate. This 60-acre property is a welcoming small, boutique, warm climate vineyard with a total of 2200 vines. It is in the most picturesque setting with views to the Great Dividing Range.

Your host David McMaugh is very passionate about producing quality wine. He will show you through the vineyard and explain about the grapes and the climate. Keep your eyes open for the local wildlife. Enjoy some wine tasting and a grazing platter of local cheeses and cured meats whilst taking in the spectacular views.

The vineyard was first established in 2003 with grafted cuttings of Chambourcin vines, then grafted Shiraz cuttings were planted in 2004.

The vineyard is fully netted to protect from birds, flying foxes and hail. The netting also provides light shade, so the grapes can remain on the vines longer for ripening. This produces a superior set of wine characteristics. The strips between the rows are grassed to prevent erosion and the grass cuttings are mulched back into the vineyard. The grapes are grown on a modified Scott-Henry trellis system to help them resist mildew and other fungal attacks. Careful pruning also assists with this. The vineyard is watered using a drip irrigation system connected to a deep bore.

The grapes at Bunjurgen Estate are hand picked to minimize damage to the grapes and to reduce the opportunity for fermentation to commence before crushing. Harvest day starts early with a traditional BBQ breakfast at 4:30 am. Picking starts around 5.00am to ensure the grapes are picked in the coolest part of the day. With plenty of pickers on site, the work is usually completed by 10am.

Bunjurgen Estate currently has on offer their popular 2018 Shiraz and 2021 Shiraz, an unwooded 2019 Ruby Fortified and a 2010 Tawny Fortified, all available to purchase on your visit. This year it is hoped that their popular Rose will also be on offer.

Bunjurgen Estate is home to a variety of wildlife including kangaroos, lorikeets, wedgetail eagles and native pigeons. David is currently regenerating large areas of the property to encourage more wildlife diversity.

Book your next Scenic Farm Gate Tour with Local Taste Discoveries and discover the magic and the hidden gems of the Scenic Rim.

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