Organic Farm Tour

On our Local Taste Discoveries Tours, we let you explore the little-known food producers and artisans of the Scenic Rim. We are excited to announce that our March “Girl’s Day Out Tour” has secured an exclusive visit to one of the regions most interesting new businesses!

Tullamore Farm is nestled in the hills of the Kerry Valley. Owners Carol and Bill O’Sullivan have created a certified organic farm on 15 acres in just 8 years. The rest of their 306 acre property is dedicated as a wildlife sanctuary.

Carol and Bill are passionate advocates for sustainable, self-sufficient farming and for healthy eating. There are now over 500 established fruit trees and vines, featuring 120 different species, around 30 of which are ‘bush tucker’ varieties. They are as self-sufficient as possible, with chickens, native bees and honeybees, 6 vegetable gardens and around 90 different types of fruit and vegetables being grown. They also produce their own compost and biomass and are aiming to become a closed loop system.

Come and find out more about sustainable farming and try fresh fruit and vegies straight from the plant. We tried fresh figs, asparagus and Panama berries on our visit. You will have the opportunity to taste test whatever is ripe and in season on your tour. You will also get to find out more about unusual varieties and their health benefits.

This farm is a little bit of subtropical paradise. Keep your eyes open for the numerous bird species and other animals that call this valley home.

Honey and other produce will be available to purchase.

Other stops on our March 5th Tour include a tour and cheese tasting at Towri Sheep Farm and Dairy and The Overflow Estate 1895, for wine tasting and a long lunch.

So, if you love sheep cheese, fresh fruit and vegie and wine – this is the tour for you!

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