Food, Glorious Food!

The Scenic Rim is fast emerging as Queensland's go-to food hub! With it's fertile valleys for crop growing, and hills with extensive natural pasture for cattle, the area has long been popular with farmers. Now the Scenic Rim is seeing a new generation of boutique food growers, artisan producers and chefs capitalising on the region's great attributes.

The Scenic Rim region has everything from specialised mushroom growers to ice cream makers - and everything in between, including mushroom ice cream (yes, really!). Come and explore and taste a variety of award winning foods.

For the meat lovers, Wagyu and Angus are among the beef breeds that call the Scenic Rim home. There are also boutique farms with camels, sheep and heritage breed pigs. The local butchers produce their own very tasty salamis and other small goods.

There are plenty of cheese makers in the region, from traditional cow's milk cheeses, sheep cheeses, goat's milk cheese and camel feta cheese. Any good cheese board needs olives, and yes, you'll find plenty of them in the Scenic Rim as well!

Carrots, beans and sweetcorn are popular large scale farming crops, but boutique crops such as finger limes and macadamias are also grown. Organic farms are on the rise and there is plenty of local honey available. Olive oil, jams, marmalades, chutneys and pickles are all produced locally from locally grown produce.

For the sweet lovers there is locally made ice cream, goat milk gelato, camel milk gelato and Jersey cow milk ice cream. Other Jersey cow products include cream and cultured butter.

The bountiful produce along with the Scenic Rim's closeness to Brisbane and the Gold Coast has been attracting talented chefs to our region, they are showcasing local food in unique ways.

There are also plenty of quality cafés and bakeries in the Scenic Rim, using fresh local ingredients and baking their own goods in house.

All that great food requires matching beverages! There are plenty of wineries, breweries and distilleries to enjoy alcoholic tastings. Many are set in stunning locations.

Come and discover for yourself this great region with one of our Local Taste Discoveries Tours. Bring your shopping bag and bring your esky! We'd love to show you around!

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