Camel Dairy Unique to the Scenic Rim

At Local Taste Discoveries we like to introduce you to food producers unique to the Scenic Rim. All our farmers and producers are very passionate about what they do. This is especially true of Summer Land Camels located at Harrisville, just 45 minutes west of Brisbane.

Summer Land Camels is home to some 600 camels. Many have been caught in the Australian outback where they are a feral pest. Brought back to Harrisville they have been skillfully handled and trained to become a valuable farm animal.

Summerland Camels is a working farm, with a camel dairy on site. They produce sustainable, ethical, premium camel milk products. The milk is naturally homogenised and gently pasteurised at a low temperature, so the milk's healing properties remain active. The range includes premium, award winning, fresh camel milk dairy products rich in healthy vitamins and minerals. You can sample and purchase fresh camel milk, a range of sensational camel milk cheeses and camel milk gelato. Perhaps the most unusual product for die hard foodies is the camel milk vodka! This is sure to be the talking point at your next party.

There is also a unique camel milk beauty and skincare range. Camel Milk has been treasured for thousands of years for its unique benefits to hair, skin, health and beauty. The camel milk is blended with a carefully selected range of all-natural ingredients. The products are natural and contain no parabens, petrochemicals, sls, sulphates or synthetic fragrances. Summer Land Camels continually researches and innovates to produce the best quality skincare products.

With our Local Taste Discoveries Camel Farm Tour, you can enjoy a guided tour of the farm and dairy. The farm practices sustainable agriculture and is chemical-free, GMO-free and farmed with biodynamic principles. Learn more about these fascinating animals and this unique industry. Meet the friendly camels and very cute baby camels, feed them a snack and give them a pat. If you are lucky, you may even receive a camel ‘hug’ in return. Be sure to get a selfie with them.

The wonderful old Homestead Café is the perfect place for morning tea and lunch, both included in the tour. With wide verandas overlooking the camel paddocks to the stunning Flinders ranges, this is a perfect escape from the city. Enjoy sampling different camel products such as camel milk fromage blanc cheese and camel meat sausage.

Come and discover this truly unique experience! Explore the full potential of alternative farming using camels and the environmental benefits of regenerative and sustainable agriculture.

Bring your esky and stock up with these unique camel products. Wow family and friends at your next BBQ with an amazing camel milk cheese platter, camel meat kebabs and camel milk vodka cocktails!

Book your Camel Farm Discovery Tour for a fun day out with Local Taste Discoveries now.

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